Don’t Give Up: The Beauty Is In The Rising

Four months ago, I went through the biggest life event I’ve ever experienced and it changed my life forever. Bigger than moving cities, bigger than booking the lead of a major studio project, bigger than falling in love: 

I had a baby. 

Whether you’re a parent or not, this message applies to you and your career. Keep reading…

The idea of having a baby freaked me out for a long time and I resisted it for fear of it interfering with my career. 

And how many of us hold off on doing something because of fear?

It wasn’t entirely without reason. I mean, I’d spent so much time training for, preparing for, and focusing on this career, that the fear of being derailed in the pursuit of my lifelong dreams was a legitimate one. I’d told myself I was too singularly-minded to have a child – it wouldn’t be fair to the little one. Plus, the thought of being ‘out of work’ for so long filled me with dread. 

In short, I thought myself to be too selfish and too ambitious.

What I didn’t realize was that it’s these big life moments that give us expanded perspectives and emotional capacities to dig even deeper into the characters and stories we’re blessed to tell. 

Not to mention, an opportunity to slow down, feel through the shifts, and nurture the relationships with those we care about.

I know, I know, these life moments can certainly take their toll, much like the past few months have for all of us. It’s been hard, y’all, living through a strike and keeping a baby alive is no easy task! I’ll be honest, I’ve had my own fair share of existential questioning, wondering if I’m really cut out for the grit this business requires or if I should pause a little longer and see what else I feel called to.  

But I’ll tell you this, whenever I have those thoughts (and let’s be real, the many conversations with other actors and writers on the picket lines!) somehow, this one thought always seems to stick:

The real beauty of it all is in the rising. 

Once again being in a “slower” period means that we can turn the focus back on ourselves and the things we care about:

  • Maybe it’s time for you to finally write that screenplay that’s been simmering and produce your own work
  • Maybe being dropped by your agent/manager means that you can really get clear on what a perfect  partnership would look like for you, and beginning that rep search. 
  • And maybe that canceled show means you’re now available for a project that will be an even bigger step forward in your career. 

So many things can be blessings in disguise… if we’re willing to look at them that way.

Like a good nap, there’s nothing like some sweet ol’ downtime to shake things up and give you the precious space you didn’t know you needed in order to grow. When the moment comes to rise, you’ll know it. And you will.

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