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In Your Niche

Money-Making Brand
& Killer Marketing Materials

The 5-Step Virtual Course to uncover your brand & know exactly how to let it shine though in all of your marketing.


  • Your own authentic, money-making brand designed to help you attract more of the right roles
  • memorable tagline so you’re the first actor casting thinks of when those perfect-for-you-roles arise
  • Headshot Branding Blueprint that makes it easy for you to work with just about any photographer and get EXACTLY what you need from your shoot
  • A resume that elevates you, no matter how many credits you have or how long it’s been since your last booking
  • A step-by-step system to easily get footage that could inspire a write to write you into their project
  • The Elevated Actor System that naturally generates more auditions

Is this you?

 I deserve great Reps.

 I SHOULD land auditions all the time.

 I’ve trained so hard.

 I’ve gotten work on my own.

 I’m doing all the things, yet my auditions are few & far between and sometimes it feels like the chips are stacked against me.

 I’m in a tough category.

 I get so much conflicting advice on my branding.

 My materials don’t truly highlight me in the way I know they need to for me to stand out.

 I have such a broad rang; I don’t want to niche down.



On average, Casting receives 2200 submissions for every role they cast. Yet, they rarely have time to see more than a dozen actors for the part.

Uncover your brand & let it shine through
in all of your marketing.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you must embrace a unique, specific, and castable niche. 

Get Rich In Your Niche will help you identify exactly what makes you stand out within your “category” and quickly communicate a cohesive message that industry pros completely understand and WANT to call you in because of it. 

 If you want to work more often, you must narrow your focus on the Gold Medal Roles you can easily book. 

 Those bookings will give you the credibility you need to then broaden your range and book even more work.  

 Yet, most actors don’t realize their materials actually prevent  them from getting auditions. 

  • Their headshots are pretty instead of specific.
  • They have too many looks which just creates confusion.
  • Their footage blends into the sea of sameness instead of standing out.
  • Their materials are scattered rather than on-brand.
  • And their whole approach feel like a guessing game. So, without a tangible strategy, they just take more headshots and hope something will change. 

You don’t need more headshots. You need a stronger brand. 

 If you’re tired of guessing about what casting wants… 

 … assuming that you’re in a tough category…

… and watching other (less talented!) actors book roles you didn’t even get the chance to audition for…

It’s time to GET RICH IN YOUR NICHE so you can have a Money-Making Brand & Killer Marketing Materials. This is the proven system to help you get more agent meetings, be REMEMBERED by casting, and take your acting career (and resume!) to the next level. 

Here’ what you’ll do inside



Step 1:
Uncover Your Money-Making Brand

I’ll walk you through my 3 Circles Approach so you finally have, a comprehensive process to stand out, showcase the best, most unique parts of you, and start racking up the IMDB credits because you no longer have to compete with a sea of other actors just to get in the room.

Also, you’ll use our signature Stoplight Analysis to quantitatively discover the key elements of your brand that you should be highlighting so you get called in for the RIGHT roles for YOU. No more guessing or just relying on the opinions of a couple of people to pin down your brand. The numbers won’t lie, so you don’t have to second guess yourself.

Stoplight Analysis


Easy-to-Use formulas to craft your memorable tagline so you can easily communicate you brand to reps and other industry professionals . These are not canned templates or corny marketing schemes. They’re concrete ways to get the right words to describe you and only you.


Step 2:
The Headshot Magic System

The precise formula to get stand-out headshots that actually WORK for you.

Rather than re-shooting headshots, you may be able to take what you’ve shot in the past and re-tool the shots to work waaay better for you.

The Headshot Branding Blueprint

For all future headshot sessions, you’ll love creating your Headshot Branding Blueprint as a visual guide to share with any photographer you shoot with and get exactly what you need out of your shoot WITHOUT having to spend an arm and a leg.


Step 3:
The Resume Booster Formula

Super simple ways to make your resume more impressive no matter how many credits you have. BONUS! The Pro Resume Template


Step 4:
Reels That Impress

  • Learn the key ingredients to a powerful reel
  • PLUS an easy workaround to put together footage that highlights your brand even if you don’t have ANY footage 
  • Cheap and FREE ways to create great material for your reel
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Step 5:
The Elevated Actor System

Strategies to market yourself so you generate your own auditions.

  • You’ll learn simple marketing strategies to escape the Sea of Sameness and make a real IMPACT with your marketing. Now, you can stop wasting time and money sending out materials that get thrown away
  • How to triple your call-in rate with the right actor profiles on casting sites
  • Marketing outreach that actually gets you called in
  • Fun fact: Did you know that a lot of those marketing materials hanging on the corkboard in casting offices come from our students?



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Get Started Today with Immediate Access!

Warning: Do Not Try This On Your Own!


Branding yourself can get SO confusing and crafting the RIGHT marketing materials for you can be overwhelming. Get Rich In Your Niche will help you simplify the process so you can get out of your head and make smart marketing decisions that bring you great results, like:

  • Agent meetings
  • Made for you auditions
  • Higher call back rate
  • More bookings
  • Stronger relationships



4 Weeks of Video Learning

Learn at your own pace through easy-to-absorb video modules and step-by-step Action Guides that help you implement every part of Get Rich In Your Niche.

Students giving each other a high five

HomePLAY Assignments

Weekly HomePLAY assignments so you can make consistent progress each week  to help you make this process your own and create incredible marketing materials that FINALLY work.


LIFETIME Course Access

LIFETIME access to the entire course so you can revisit it anytime you want to up-level your materials and as your brand evolves.

Plus These Additional Bonuses!

TV Landscape Guide 2023

TV Landscape Guide

($100 VALUE)

There’s so much TV being produced and it’s impossible to keep up with it all. This digital guide will highlight various brand features of the various networks so you can find where you best fit and what new shows you could easily fit.


Personalized Career Analysis Session

($100 VALUE)

60-Minute Private Personalized Career Analysis with a Career ACTivate Expert Consultant

  • Get clarity on your goals
  • Assess personal challenges
  • Discover new opportunities 
  • Leave with a 4-page Career Roadmap Assessment

What CAN YOU accomplish with THIS COURSE?

Lori Ada Jaroslow

5 Acting Jobs After 15 Years of No Bookings

“I only wish I found Jona and Career ACTivate decades ago.  If you follow all these steps, I feel like it’s guaranteed that you will move forward in your career in ways that were unimaginable before.  I’ve had 5 acting jobs (a Seth Rogan project, a commercial, TV show, audiobook, AND a feature) since starting the program, after having had none for 15 years.”

~ Lori Ada Jaroslow

Veronica Burgess

Landed Dream Agent!

“I was able to sign with an agent that has been on my radar for a couple years because I used proper marketing materials that were on brand.”

~ Veronica Burgess

Clayton Stocker Myers

Crucial Details For Veteran Actors

Having been working steadily for the past several years, it’s easy to fall behind with what is being sought after from a marketing standpoint. Plenty of people are quick to suggest things to do (update headshots, reels, resumes, etc.) but rarely do they give you context as to why these updates and synchronicity of branding will benefit you, but the best way to determine what that “branding” should even look like for you, individually.

This course presents that much desired context and offers options for ways for students to discover their own path for their own self.”

~ Clayton Stocker Myers

50+ TV & Film Credits

Autumn Dang

Multiple Auditions Per Week

“I’ve been spending the past month really honing down on my brand with the amazing tips Jona had provided in the course; doing a complete refresh of my IMDB page, website, resume, and being very selective of which headshots and reel clips I uploaded on Actors Access.

Amazingly, I’ve had multiple audition requests this week. All of which the characters math the age range and character type I was striving for!
(Which was struggle previously).”

~ Autumn T. Dang

Recurring on  JOE PICKETT

Tiffany Daniels

Hone In On What YOU Want

“Getting very specific about what it is that I WANT and who I am as a person and what I have to offer. She helped me specify all of that with who I’m targeting, the shows I would like to be on and the marketing material I am going to use to get noticed.”

~ Tiffany Daniels


Anjelica Bosboom

Way Beyond The Typical “Branding” Class

A lot of different companies and groups claim to be able to help you “find your type!”

But Jona and Career ACTivate actually deliver.  With the in-depth 3 Circles Approach along with specific steps on how to improve my overall “product” as an actor, I already have a much better idea of what I am doing and how to move forward towards success.”

~ Anjelica Bosboom



Wanted To Give Up, But Now My Excitement and Passion Are Back!

“Throughout my career when I would take business acting classes or get advice from type-A successful business people, I would always leave feeling as if someone had just placed a boulder on top of me. I just thought with my personality I would never be able to get ahead in this vital part of the industry. I felt like I was just on a hamster’s wheel because I would book roles & impress casting director’s, but be so terrible with the follow up and marketing that it felt like one step forward, two steps back every time. I was breaking down to friends thinking I should finally give up and two days later I found out about this course and I can honestly tell you for the first time in my entire career, I do not feel overwhelmed, I have my excitement and passion back and actually look forward to the tasks. I am someone who can make procrastination a JOB, so if this worked well for me…trust me, it can help anyone move forward in leaps and bounds!! Thank you Jona & Career ACTivate for giving me back my hope in my dreams!”

~ Loydeen


Christine Hughes

Headshot Blueprint Got Me SEVEN Auditions

“Because I took the branding course and completed my headshot blueprint before my headshot session, my new photos have gotten me SEVEN auditions in three weeks. Which is more than I was getting before the quarantine even started.”

~ Christine Hughes


Booking TV Shows From Branding

“Jona is a genius! She gave me the most insightful information on how to book jobs and present yourselves to casting directors and agents with a clear marketing vision. Recently, Jona’s creative strategies helped me book NEW GIRL!”

~ Eugenia Kuzmina

60+ Credits

A Little bit about your teacher


Jona Xiao

I used to be ALL over the place with my branding and materials. Take a look at some of these #headshotfails:


When I would ask my reps why I wasn’t getting many auditions, they would suggest I take new headshots. So I kept doing that. And sometimes I would see an uptick in my auditions, only to feel crushed that I was barely getting callbacks or bookings. It took me YEARS to realize that my materials weren’t getting me in the room for the roles that were really RIGHT for me.

Since working on the business side of the industry, I’ve learned that branding needs to be a comprehensive process. Just going around and asking your friends how they “see you” or paying someone to “typecast” you doesn’t cut it.

You want a proven, reliable process to both brand yourself and then a process for how to actually COMMUNICATE that brand effectively. I broke into TV first with a very specific niche and was able to book my first few TV roles and then used these same tools and strategies to re-brand myself as my brand shifted and matured over time.

I’m passionate about helping you along your journey because I believe TV shows and films transform the world and the more artists I support, the more good I’m doing the world 🙂


Circle X Green

1. Fly Solo

You’re smart and talented. So you COULD try to figure out a branding strategy watching what other actors do. But remember, it’s REALLY hard to see yourself the same way casting sees you. I know! It took me years of being confused about my own branding and feeling disheartened because I was struggling to get callbacks because I wasn’t going in for the RIGHT roles for me.

This course contains your A-Z roadmap to uncover your money-making brand and how to effectively communicate that brand so you can increase your call-in rate and also get called in for more of the RIGHT roles.

I’ve eliminated all the guesswork for you and these strategies have WORKED for hundreds of actors. You can finally ignore all the conflicting advice about your niche and your brand and bring your newfound confidence into your auditions, knowing what qualities into your auditions which makes you stand out in your category.

Circle X Green

2). Wait Until The “Right Time”

You could tell yourself you’re not ready yet and just keep doing what you’re doing. If you get all the auditions you want right now, then waiting is no problem.

This is your invitation to take new action. You deserve it. Don’t try to do this alone. TV shows and movies are being filmed now, don’t hold off on putting together the materials you need to get the right audition opportunities

Get Started Now!

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Your price now:


Choose a payment plan that’s right for you:

1st Payment Today,
2nd Payment 14 days from Today

The right roles are out there for you. It’s time to finally have the materials that put your best foot forward.

Let’s do this.

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Got questions?

We’ve got Answers for ya…

1. Can you guarantee that I’ll get highly-paid acting roles in the next couple of months?
We both know I can’t promise that. It’s up to you to implement what you learn inside the program. But I can promise you that this program thoroughly guides you through what our students, clients, and I have done to hone in on their brand and create stand-out materials. So, if you do the work, I am confident you will see results.

2. I’m nervous that I won’t have time to implement. How much work are we talking about here?
Most of the students who have gone through this course and landed great reps have gone through this process while working a lot or having a very busy schedule. The real question is, do you really want this? Plan to spend a couple hours each week on the course and you’ll be good to go.

3. I don’t have any reel footage. Should I hold off on taking this course?
Take this class and you’ll finally have footage you are proud of that really represents you the way you deserve. I’ll guide you on how to easily create material for your reel and also super effective work-arounds if you don’t have the bandwidth to put together a reel right now. I’ve used these workarounds when I didn’t have a current reel at the time to land BIG manager meetings with “reach” managers on my list.

What would having amazing, on-brand materials mean to you?

Talk Bubble Orange

“Finally having clarity on where I fit within the industry and what makes me stand out in my category.”

Conversation Bubbles Green

“More bookings!”

Talk Bubble Orange

“Having great materials to finally attract a great TEAM for me.”

Conversation Bubbles Green

“I can finally be a WORKING actor!”

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