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“I now have the keys to taking control of getting my next gig and not counting on luck.”
~ Tom Proctor

Better Work
Book Better Work

Get specific to GET PAID. Discover
your money-making
types. Develop a clear brand and marketing plan.

Great Reps
Find Great Reps

Stop wasting time & money. Attract Agents & Managers that fit YOU. Learn the 4 biggest mistakes in seeking Reps.




5 Star Yelp Reviews

ishmael Sahid

“Working with Jona has been an exceptional experience. She has given me great tools on how to market myself in this industry…she guided me step by step on how to go about getting what I want out of my career by avoiding the mistakes most actors make and helping me to stand over the rest..”

Ishmel Sahid
Emmy-Nominated Actor


We believe that you don’t have to be a struggling artist.  Every actor has a gift that the world needs.  Unfortunately, the world doesn’t know about you yet.   Maybe you work really hard, yet acting is still an expensive hobby for you.  Or perhaps, you feel paralyzed because you don’t know what to do.

We’ve helped thousands of actors around the world become successful and the formula is as simple as ABC.

A-game mentality
Business know-how

There are countless coaches who teach craft, and plenty of personal development gurus out there, but not a lot of business experts with first-hand knowledge and a proven track record.   Career ACTivate is the leading organization giving actors the business know-how to get more auditions, book better work, and find great representation.

If there’s something that you want that you don’t have, it just means that there’s something you don’t know yet.  That’s where we come in so you can have the career you want.


Our actors have secured representation with the top agencies in the world including WME, APA and Paradigm. Our Clients have forged relationships with the decision-makers of TV shows, production companies and networks.


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