How To Get The Agent of Your DREAMS: Interview with Elite Program Alum, Keri Bruner

“THIS is how it’s supposed to be.”

In the interview below, hear how Keri landed an LA agent and got her first series regular audition just two weeks after signing.

You’ll learn how she and Coach Farah harnessed Keri’s unique background to create a compelling “Tell me about yourself” response and curate a targeted agent list that helped her stand out, define her identity, and clarify her goals.

By transforming her mindset using the tools of our Elite Program, Keri finally achieved dreams she’s had since childhood.

She also shares advice for struggling actors: from consistency to clear goal-setting, she breaks down the essentials for your well-deserved success. You’ll walk away feeling empowered and ready to conquer your own challenges!

As fellow actors, we know the road to success can be tough, but Keri’s story reminds us that every step is worth it.

👇 Watch the full interview below and start rewriting your career story like Keri did! 🎉