Why Putting Yourself Out There Pays Off: Interview with Elite Client, Matthew Rhodes

This story is a great reminder of why you should ALWAYS keep putting yourself out there and proves there is never a bad time for relationship-building.

In our latest How They Did It interview, discover how Matthew’s very first network TV booking was delayed due to the strikes, but ultimately led to a game-changing industry relationship.

He credits the confidence to make intentional, bold moves to everything he learned in the Elite Program alongside his work with Coach Eric and Coach Clayton.

It all led to him making an incredible connection at a film festival… and you won’t believe who it was!

If you’re looking for inspiration to put yourself out there, this interview is a must-watch.

👇 Click to see the full interview below and get excited to boldly build relationships like Matthew!

P.S.  Many of our other Clients are also booking a TON right now on interim agreements and other union-approved work during the strike.

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