Three Unique Gives for Reps, Industry Professionals, and Those You Are Connecting With

Things are quieter right now because of the strike.

And if for some reason you have missed what is going on, please take a look at the WGA’s website, social media, and most recently, SAG-AFTRA’s statement of approving a vote for a strike authorization of the actor’s union.

Though things may be a little bit shaky, we can find our footing by connecting with those around us.

If you are interested in deepening connections or showing appreciation, I have a couple of free gives that can be shared. Everyone could truly take a little gift to feel better during these uncertain times.

1. Insight Timer – Free Meditation App

Find a short meditation on Insight Timer that speaks to you and the recipient. Share the specific meditation with them as a gift of breath, peace, and a moment of calm.

2. Share a memorable moment from your encounter

If you connected with someone in person while working or at an event you can send a note sharing the most memorable thing they said or did while you all were together. This is a great way to make someone feel special and help them connect YOU to a moment so they remember you. This works really great for follow-up emails, thank you cards, or to remain in touch with someone.

Example: Once, in a thank you note to the 3rd AD for an episodic television show, I quoted her morning greeting of “Today will be a good day” and told her I looked forward to hearing that each day. It was like my very own personal cup of coffee.

Notice the above example is specific, brief, and personal.

3. The Nudge – Free App for Outings

Sift through The Nudge to find a unique outing/ activity for them to check out during the industry’s downtime. Activities range from rooftops with free pizza to how to spend a weekend in Palm Springs. Cater your suggestion towards their preferences. How do you find out their preferences? Do some digging on social media, listen to interviews on podcasts that they have done, or find other ways through Career ACTivate’s Relationship Roadmap course.


Share a couple of unique tags that can be used on picket signs for the WGA Strike. This is a great way to show your support, personality, and creativity.

Example: “I saw you are in support of the WGA and I wanted to share a few tag lines you can use if you’re on the picket lines:

  • That’s your counteroffer?

  • No Words…

  • You want these pages then run these wages!”

Hope these unique gives are well-received. And have fun finding which one fits for you!